Ever Seen What Your Chimney Looks Like Inside?

chimney inspection maryland

Ever wonder why Santa no longer comes around anymore. The old man and his global crew remain as busy as ever, so much so that they felt nothing to skip the house on the top of the street. Oh, why is this happening? This was never the house that Jack built. And its chimney had not been cleaned for donkey’s years. And then one year it happened. A lone elf was kind enough to drop the chimney inspection maryland team’s business card under Mary, Martha and Andrew’s mat, right next to the front door key so they dare not miss it.

It turns out that it would not have been possible to drop the card down the chimney in the traditional manner anyway. That old chimney had not lighted a warm, Christmassy fire for many a year. Mary, Martha and Andrew simply could not see their way clear on this. The chimney was just so darn dirty. It was clogged with dust, and those spiders’ cobwebs, it was enough to settle a bird’s nest on.

Speaking of which, derelict, neglected and unused chimneys are popular places of residence for roving and migrating birds, always looking for a good place to stay for the next few months until the next winter frost arrives. To speak of donkey’s years, the old chimney sweep had been around since that time already. Now, if he had not moved on, he had settled down to a peaceful retirement. And his sons had taken over the business.

They are gifted with new skills and technologies better suited to the efficient maintenance and repairing, as well as restoring and refurbishing of old chimney stacks. It could get very cold this winter. Why not leave the heater off and light a log fire instead?